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Transportation Services Eagle County Regional Airport

Silent Partner Limousines provides year round service to and from the Eagle County Regional Airport and Vail Valley Jet Center. The Silent Partner Staff monitors road and weather conditions, as well as flight schedules 24 hours a day. We worry, so you don’t have to. CLICK HERE FOR OUR  services and rates.

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History of Eagle County Regional Airport

Eagle County Regional Airport was dedicated in the late 1940’s and has been growing ever since. The airport has four airlines, and direct domestic flights from Dallas, Houston, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C, Newark and more. There is one direct international flight from Toronto Canada. As of 2015 Eagle County Regional had over 300,000 people go through their airport. With the growing number of passengers that come to the airport, Eagle Vail Airport has had to expand. In 1996 the airport added a 36,000 square foot terminal for passengers.  A 115-foot tall tower replaced the 43-foot tower for better visibility in 2003. With the new tower, a BI-6 radar system was added. This new radar allows planes to land in lower visibility and increase the rate at which the airport can accept incoming aircraft in low visibility. In 2009 the runway was increased to 9,000 feet allowing heavier weighted aircraft to take off.  With all of these expansions, Eagle Vail Airport tries to make the passengers experience an excellent one.